Poop smarter (not harder): Does the Squatty Potty really work?


Does the #SquattyPotty really work? The truth is that it’s not the specific “Squatty Potty” step-stool that helps, it’s being in a squatting position that helps (i.e. any step-stool that helps your child be in a squatting position while having a bowel movement would help). People in certain parts of the world continue stool in the squatted position. For example, in certain areas of Asia, you may frequently encounter squat toilets. While the below 3 minute video is very cheesy and quite odd, it does accurately show why being in a squatting position helps with stooling. It’s very difficult to hold your stool in, as children/toddlers often do – if you are in a squatting position. Check out this video to see why the squatting position allows a person to evacuate stool more efficiently. Happy watching (and try to focus on the medical illustration)!